hoi4 change leader command

Deprecated. A weight of 0 will result in AI neveer picking it. Defaults to 10 million if the number isn't specified. Makes the current scope a demilitarized zone. Enforces the entity used by the units using this template to be the specified one, order of battle assigned within the history file, custom effect tooltips can be used to tell the player what this effect block would do, https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Effect&oldid=60522, Play transfer_troops = yesWhether to transfer the troops of the annexed country. Adds the specified amount of experience to the divisional commander. Creates and adds the specified division template to the current scope. No tooltip is shown. Adds a province modifier to the specified provinces in this state. -debug must be enabled in in launch options. Sends the specified fraction of equipment to the specified target, removing said equipment from the current scope. Optional.set_root = Sets the scope of ROOT in scripted localization. Plays the specified sound once only for the current country. Turns off fog of war, only within a province if specified. Executes contained effects on a random state that meets the limit and is controlled by the country this is contained in. The filename with the. parent_version = Ordering for multiple variants of the same equipment. Optional.org_damage_multiplier = The bonus to grant. Within these categories, the small and large decide whether it gets used as an advisor portrait or as a large portrait, used for country and unit leaders. By default, these character slots exist in base game: idea_token = my_character is the ID used for the character when treated as an idea within this particular slot. type = The wargoal to generate.generator = { }The states to supply the wargoal (i.e. Executes contained effects on a random unit leader (corps commanders, field marshals, admirals) that meets the limit and is recruited by the country this is contained in. These arguments are within the character itself. Displays the specified idea in the tooltip for the current effect scope. Defaults to true if unset. browser [url] Open the browser window and load the specified [URL]. If the current country is independent, will do nothing. The chance here is on the scale from 0 to 100. count = or allThe amount to destroy. Kills the country leader for the current scope. Optional. Character scope:large = The sprite used as a country leader. days = / The number of days to remove from the mission. The effect does nothing if the country exists. Use event_target: to access the scope. Adds a random trait from the list to the character. Select a state by clicking it. Changes whether it's possible to recruit divisions of a locked template without unlocking the template. expire = 1949.1.1 marks the date at which the leader expires. The character will take on every instance where allowed = { } is true at the game's start. If the country flag inward_perfect_flag is set, it'll multiply the above chance of 30 by 1.3 to get 39. Optional, defaults to false. Deletes the specified division template and all units using it for the current scope. Each character definition is contained within the characters = { } block, which encompasses the entirety of the file to mark them as characters. trait = The trait to remove. HOI4 Console Commands Resign Command HOI4 Resign Command. election_frequency = How often in months an election occurs. modifier = The modifier on combat. on Paradox technology, Legal desc = The localisation used as the rule's description. This is one of the only HOI 4 console commands we advise not using, as it really strips away the fun from a game designed around fighting wars. The file extension, hidden by default on Windows, is a part of the filename. Gives bonuses of reducing land doctrine cost to current scope. Frees one random captured operative or all of them. Refreshes the focus tree for the specified country, restarting the checks in, If put within a focus' completion reward, the focus will not be marked as complete at the time the effect is executed, leading to. ideology = Ideology type of the character. Changes the current state category to the specified category. amount = How much decryption to add in flat numbers. The picture is defined in any /Hearts of Iron IV/interface/*.gfx file as a spriteType with the name of GFX_trait_. Optional. prioritize_location = If possible, this province within the state gets used. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. No tooltip is shown. FROM is the country that recruited the character. It may not display this or other websites correctly. delete_units can be used if deleting all units of a specific template. This command, as you might have guessed, causes you to . Can also be used in division scope. Optional. Executes contained effects on a random state that meets the limit and neighbours the state this is contained in. Appends the value of this localisation key to the tooltip showing the effects of the trait. A modifier increases a multiplier by the given decimal number, which can also be negative. Adds the specified amount of political power to the current scope. type = The wargoal to declare with.generator = { }The states to supply the wargoal (i.e. Optional. Sets the legitimacy of governments in exile. ideology = Sub-ideology of the leader where to swap traits. the same coordinate system that the map uses. Interactive corporate website. This will get localised in any working /Hearts of Iron IV/localisation/english/*_l_english.yml file, assuming the English language, as my_character: "My character's name". popularity = The amount of popularity to set. You can limit the construction to victory points using: Damages the specified building in the current state. can_be_fired = no assigns the advisor as impossible to fire manually. If a field marshal is assigned to lead divisions directly rather than other generals, this will. Executes contained effects on every country that meets the limit and borders the country this is contained in. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). elections_allowed = Whether elections are allowed. This part is about the new . Executes contained effects on every country that meets the limit and is a subject of the country this is contained in. Traits in the file are contained within the leader_traits = { } block, and will not work otherwise. Cant dismantle faction if there are non-puppet nations in it. Attacker or Defender scope Sets the number of research slots the current scope has. Note: Prior to 1.12.8, removal_cost = -1 could've been used for this purpose, but this does not work after the patch. Fires the specified news event for the current country. limit_to_victory_point = yes modifier = The opinion modifier to add. nationalities = { }The nationalities of the operative. Removes the specified unit leader by their legacy ID. Sets the popularity for the specified political party in the current scope. Add mines to a strategic region for the current country. Defaults to true. version = The version indicates which variant should be licensed. Optional. Clears the cap on the template, allowing it to have an unlimited amount of divisions. They are a one-time change to the current condition of the game, without the ability to have a lasting effect. uses = Number of times the cost reduction can be used. id = 4321 For example, if the following is put within a file within the /Hearts of Iron IV/common/characters/ folder, the blank characters my_character_1 and my_character_2 will be created: Every character must be assigned to a country in that country's file in the /Hearts of Iron IV/history/countries/ folder by using the recruit_character = my_character effect. Does not add the idea. The character slot can be the character's name or id. EU4 Age_ruler Command General Information This console command sets the age of your ruler to the specified amount of years. Toggles occupation painting. Mandatory to specify a division_template. Adds 100 opinion (hardcoded number) to and from target country (add_opinion ENG for instance). Sets the current country as the faction leader. Changes the controller of the specified province to the current scope. Say Donald Trump is the leader for the Conservative Party, but then how would I make another Republican, say, Rand Paul, leader of that political party. Sets the bonuses or penalties for the attacker and defender in an on-going border war. The flag in this effect is used in the meaning of 'boolean flag', used to store information. Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands. advisor = { }Advisor role definition There is a specific list of effects that can instantly change the game. autonomy_state = The type of autonomy state to set. Example: You create a variant of 'Matilda LP'-tank with better Armor and Main Gun and name it 'Matilda LP Mk. Executes contained effects on every division that meets the limit and is located within the current state. Assumes the capital by default. Point Specification Draws a leader line segment to the point specified and continues to prompt you for points and options. Sets the current country as the faction spymaster. resource = The resource to add.amount = The amount of resource to add. The composition of the division. The effect does nothing if the country exists. Changes the specified portraits of a character. capital = The capital state of the breakaway country. desc = The description of the leader.picture = The graphical reference to the leader portrait.expire = When the leader dies in history.ideology = The sub-ideology of the country leader. Starts a border war for the specified attacker and defender. days = / The number of days to add to the mission. amount = The amount of resource to import.exporter = Which country exports the resource. Toggles the GUI bounds debug, allowing to test for different window sizes easier. Creates an operative for the current scope with the specified attributes. The effects here must be used within a division scope. Not sure if set_ruling_party boosts the ideology on it's own. surname = The surname of the ace.callsign = The callsign of the ace.type = The ace type.is_female = The gender of the ace. end_civil_wars = Whether the target country will peace out in all of its civil wars it's participating in. I am not sure whether as part of the paid DLC or free patch though. Retires and removes the country leader of the ideology party for the current scope. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. Only possible to use if the division scope is the same as the ROOT scope. Transfers the specified ratio of Equipment, Army, Navy, and Airforce to the specified country. Toggles the special game rules for the current scope's political party. flag = The flag to set. target = The country to steal from. Optional, 0 by default. The country the player becomes needs to be the scope in which the command is used. Modifies the specified technology sharing group. Use modify_character_flag instead. x = The X position of the entity. Dismantles the faction of the current scope. Decides which advisor slot gets used by the. The following arguments can be used within: ideology = socialist is the ideology type that the leader is assigned. Adds a claim for the current scope on the specified state. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is some way to change the faction leader. Executes contained effects on a random country that meets the limit and borders the country this is contained in. OR Defaults to 0. if you don't boost fascism you run the risk of rebellion due to democratic tendencies. Sets the number of victory point in a province. The "tooltip" in this case refers to the text shown to the player in-game that explains what the effect block changes within the game, such as "+50 Political Power". Change faction leader : r/hoi4modding by Dr_Crapule Change faction leader Hello everyone. Ideology type refers to a sub-type of an ideology group assigned to characters, commonly referred to as sub-ideologies in community jargon. Writes Texture info to application debug log, spawnactor [] [] [ OPTIONAL], Spawns an actor with an optional animation, Toggles the debug info in province tooltip. Executes contained effects on a random country that meets the limit and is not the same country as the one this is contained in. Characters are a system added in 1.11 with the No Step Back DLC, allowing to use the same character for multiple roles, including different advisor types, country leaders and unit leaders. This counts as the operative dying and will trigger the corresponding. role_icon_index = /autoIndex of the role icon that will be used, as an integer. days = / Fires the event in the specified number of days. Removes the specified targeted decision for the current scope. You can reverse this behaviour by including the following line in the decision block: This is only for decisions. combat_breakthrough = The bonus to grant. Here is the search bar where you can type the name of the command and get the syntax for that command. override_model = Enforces the entity used by the units using this template to be the specified one. Cancels an on-going border war without a winner. skill = The skill of the leader. limit = { }Will only delete units if the triggers within are met for the country that owns the units. Steals a random tech bonus from the specified country. Starts a civil war for the current scope with the specified parameters. female = The gender of the leader. limit = { }The triggers that must be fulfilled by the province's current controller to be transferred to the new controller. Executes contained effects on every navy leader that meets the limit and is recruited by the country this is contained in. Starts resistance in the specified state. Makes the current scope white peace the specified scope. For current country only, Force the AI to only spend army XP on template design, Force the AI to only spend army XP on equipment design, Get the address of selected group's front debug ID. Go a few lines below to max_traits=0.000 and add the following code block behind it, 5. Optional. gfx = The sprite to change the GFX to. Only define one of to_state_array, to_state, or to_province. debug = yes can be added to meta effects. available_to_spy_master = Whether the operative can be recruited by the spy master. Switches the specified character to the specified country. If you spot a mistake then you are welcome to fix it. Search Our Database of 304 EU4 Console Commands Pikes at the Ready >> ahead_reduction = The reduction to the ahead of time penalty. These effects in particular are country-scoped effects that are related to states rather than effects within the state scope. Persists after execution until cleared via effect. The same does not apply to research_bonus = { } and rule = { }, however. An example of a scripted effect which will transfer every state entered as an argument to the country that runs the console command is, /Hearts of Iron IV/documentation/effects_documentation.html, /Hearts of Iron IV/documentation/effects_documentation.md, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/country_tag_aliases, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/dynamic_modifiers/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/localisation/*_l_.yml, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/map_modes/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/autonomous_states/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/opinion_modifiers/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/modifiers/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/commmon/autonomous_states/, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/decisions/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/decisions/catergories/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/technology_tags/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/technologies/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/names_divisions/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/names_ships, /Hearts of Iron IV/gfx/army_icons/army_icons.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/equipment/upgrades/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/equipment/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/equipment/modules/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/operation_tokens/*, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/unit_leader/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/technology_tags/*, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/country_leader/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/state_category/*.txt, /Hearts of Iron IV/localisation/english/*_l_english.yml, /Hearts of Iron IV/common/scripted_effects/*.txt, PDXCON on_cancel = The event to fire for the side on a draw. Possible to specify the terrain by scoping into it. All rights reserved. Two variants exist: nested and unnested. This is a community maintained wiki. Optional. Loads a new focus tree for the current scope, retaining any shared focuses. Use set_character_flag instead. Allows national focuses to be instantly finished, Allows you to start a focus in the middle of the tree. Makes everything regarding agencies instant. state = Which state to add the resource to. Adds the specified amount of command power to the current scope. To put what each skill level grants to the leader in more detail: Navy leaders: +5% hit chance, +2% fleet coordination. Moves the camera position over the specified state. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Removes wargoals from the current scope to the specified country. Used in the province scope. spawnactor [name] [province id] [animation] Spawns an actor with the specified animation. }. Removes the core of the current scope from the specified state. Effects that change the scope include the following: The following scopes can be used either as effect or trigger scopes; some can also be used as the right side of some effects and triggers as a target. Meta effects allow you to use non-dynamic effects (the ones that do not accept modifiers and can only use static tokens or constant values) as if they were accepting variables. Also grants the name of the sprite and the interface element the player is hovering on, allowing to find the location of the image by. The default faction leaders in-game are the United Kingdom leading the Allies, German Reich leading the Axis and the Soviet Union leading the Comintern. The autonomy_free state will free the subject. Makes the specified trait be marked as a parent, making it be required to pick the current trait and drawing the line in the menu. Changes the tooltip of the conditions required for gaining experience for the trait to the following localisation key. Unit Leaders can be kept by using triggers with, Adds specified number of nukes to the country's stockpile, Nukes the specified province or a province in the needed state. These are the ideology types in base game across groups, defined in /Hearts of Iron IV/common/ideologies/*.txt: traits = { my_trait_1 my_trait_2 } is, similarly to advisors, a list of country leader traits that the country leader has, which would apply modifiers on the country if the character is leading the country. legacy_id = The legacy ID used for the unit leader. I've seen the mechanic in mods such as millennium dawn but I just don't know the command. Adds the specified amount of intel towards the specified country. Useful when making a country independent. Equipment types, including module slots for them, are defined within /Hearts of Iron IV/common/units/equipment/*.txt. Alongside that, the game allows the creation of custom console commands, which are scripted effects. If set to use a nuke, then requires at least one nuclear bomb in the stockpile. Changes the specified province's name to the specified name. Re-randomises the division commander using the given seed. Defaults to false. For example, this can be used to make the character to have a different role depending on which DLCs the player has enabled: After being created, a character is mandatory to be assigned to a country. Optional, can only be defined for ships. These effects can only be used within history files, failing when used outside. Information, Frequently Asked A successfull call prints " have 100 more opinion about you" and it appears as "cheat_opinion_modified_good" in the diplomacy screen. Used in the province scope.limit_to_coastal = Affect coastal provinces. Sets the column on which the trait is located. The current scope and any subjects automatically join the faction. Adds a freedom score ratio modifier to the current scope. Playing as Germany and have successfully defeated France and the UK. Hi modder, Im new here!So I am making a new mod for Siam about the minor taking power.How can I change party leader? srgb. Cookie Notice In events, this refers to the country that sent the event. Select state for state run scope, no scope = country scope, ex: Select Danzig state -> eval_effect POL_remove_danzig_effect = yes. Questions, Paradox But right now, if I change Siam into democracy without taking a focus, country leader will be the guy from the focus instend of normal one (I didnt delete the normal guy yet). location = Location where the railway gun is created. debug as a console command will turn on debug mode which can provide information about certain database entries, such as focuses, national spirits (and other ideas such as laws or designers), or technologies when hovering over them, as well as obtaining information when hovering over a province of IDs of the state and the province, as well as the 3-letter country tag of the country it belongs to. This page was last edited on 25 February 2023, at 23:02. value = The weighting added by the strategy. Leaving it out completely or setting to -1 will make the character not have one. Terrain types are defined in. Print out all console commands to game.log file. I don't have the game personally but I know a lot about it. All rights reserved. Context senstive if nothing (global_flag), country (country_flag) or state (state_flag) is selected when entering this command. Changes the tooltip of the conditions required for picking the trait to the following localisation key. In custom console commands, the country running the command is FROM, while ROOT is the selected country, state, or character. Executes contained effects on every unit leader (corps commanders, field marshals, admirals) that meets the limit and is recruited by the country this is contained in. Tag aliases are defined in. Adds the specified country leader trait to the character. Shortened variant exists if the event's ID is used instead of arguments. Optional. Localization replacements | Hoi4 modding Wiki | Fandom Localization replacements View source The following list provides a series of syntaxes that can be used when writing descriptions such as those for focuses or events. There are two primary ways to ensure about creating it: Similarly to all other sprites, animated portraits can be done by creating a frameAnimatedSpriteType instead of a regular spriteType. This page was last edited on 17 February 2023, at 17:21. If it is, then each one will be. The health of buildings is determined by the. Effects (also known as Commands) are used in order to affect the game dynamically from within a specific scope. If the trait is manually assigned only, these can be omitted. level = / The levels to remove. Removes the specified trait from the current character. Releases the specified non-existent country as a free nation within the current country's owned states. browser_base_url [url] Sets the URL of the . Used in the province scope.id = Affect the specified province. Spawns an air combat in desired location. Optional. activate = Will activate the advisor (add them directly when the command is run to the countries government). The autonomy states are found in. Example: You create a variant of 'Matilda LP'-tank with better Armor and Main Gun and name it 'Matilda LP Mk. Modding: How to change leader via focus tree/events, I want to make my current leader disappear and have another leader come about, if anyone can tell both how to do that with focus trees and events then I'd be grateful (even more if you say which one would be more easier or effective), Have a program to edit the focus tree files (I use the trial version of Sublime Text). Removes a core for the specified country on the current scope. days = Sets the flag to last for the specified amount of days. Displays a list of every character meeting the specified limitation and recruited by the current country. Necessary for advisors. A description can be added by appending _desc to the end as my_trait_desc: "My description". In total, the probability for an option to be picked is equal to the weight of the option divided by the sum of all weights. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The effects here must be used within a state scope. Questions, Paradox For now check the tag - coutnryname.txt located in history/countries/ and near the bottom you'll find all the leader info. If a field marshal is assigned to lead divisions directly rather than other generals, this will apply on them.